Create a simple example of a WCF

To create a simple example of a WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) service with a callback interface and a method that accepts two parameters (name and value), follow these steps. This example consists of defining the service contract, implementing the service, configuring the host, and then creating a client that uses the service.

Maria Trujillo Olaiz Graphic Designer

Maria Trujillo Olaiz was born in Mexico and grew up in Singapore, but also counts South Korea, Saudi Arabia, and London among her many homes

C# How to insert a data table into SQL Server database table?

C# How to insert a data table into SQL Server database table? In SQL 2008/2012/2014/2016/2017, user-defined table type is a user-defined type that describes the definition of a table structure. You can use a user-defined table type to declare table-valued parameters for SP or functions or to declare table variables that you require to utilization in a batch or the body of a Stored Procedure or function.

Canonical URLs without using a WordPress Plugin

Canonical URLs without using a WordPress Plugin Below is the code that you need to add within the head of your theme template: You need to...

How to undo the last commits in Git?

Undo a commit and redo This is what you want to undo. This leaves your working tree (the state of your files on...

PyTorch Classifying an image

The essential thing to do with an in-depth learning framework is to classify an image with a pre-trained model. This article works out of the box with PyTorch.

Problem with Drupal 8.0 installation – PHP extensions disabled

It sounds like you don't have the GD extension installed. I don't use Ubuntu any longer, but I think it may be named php5-gd,...

Robot automation job threat what happens next

Economists worry we aren’t prepared for the fallout from automation Too much time discussing whether robots can take your job; not enough time considering what happens next.
Intel Wireless WiFi debian 10

Install Driver for Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 in Debian

Install Driver for Intel Corporation Wireless 8260 in Debian For Debian 9 Stretch or Debian 10, Debian 11 wireless intel 8260
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USB 3.0 to VGA steren driver win 10

Fresco logic FL2000 - VGA USB 3.0 a VGA steren driver win 10 Recently we found some crashes on Win10 anniversary update OS with certain...

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Change key Super that launches dash in Ubuntu

Change key Super that launches dash in Ubuntu First, disable the "Cmd" button, which likely corresponds to the Super (also known as Windows) key on other systems. This can be achieved with the gsettings terminal command:

Female web developers

One of the best ways to get your motivation to work is to connect on social media with people of same passion. If you are interested in the web or mobile development, you will find these girls and their work very inspiring. Follow these 16 female web developers on Instagram for daily inspiration, good advice, and coding tips tricks.

using extension methods C#

Extension. An extension method has simplified calling syntax. It represents a static method as an instance method. Extension methods can lead to simpler syntax. The...

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