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About IODocs.com

IODocs.com is a website that serves as a comprehensive resource for development-related topics. Launched in 2016, its primary aim is to assist users in effectively utilizing software tools and web technologies, thereby enabling them to focus more on their passions


About Author


Hey guys welcome to IODocs.com and Let me introduce myself. I am Landeros part-time blogger from Mexico. I was really passionate towards web development and technology therefore five years ago I started my blogging from blogspot blog and recently I migrated to paid WordPress hosting in order get more features and control over my site in January 1, 2016.

Our Values

Be Transparent
As stakeholders of TA, we deserve to have honest, open, and consistent information about our business from leadership. Every employee, no matter the level on the org chart, is responsible for being transparent with their managers and peers about their work.

Make Calculated Decisions
We collaborate across teams to ensure our decisions are in the best interest of our business. We value calculated, data-driven decisions that balance diligence and speed.

Crave Knowledge
We strive to continually increase our knowledge, deepen our understanding, and invest in our personal and professional growth.

Challenge Mediocrity
We attack our goals with passion and a sense of urgency. We hold each other accountable and always strive to produce results above and beyond expectations.

Value Each Other
We go out of our way to lift each other up, applaud victories, and communicate with respect and honesty. We genuinely care about the success of the team, and we strive to motivate, encourage, and develop one another.

Facts About Me:

Nationality: USA-MX-NL

email: [email protected]