Error Installing dbachecks

Error Install DBcCheck Powershell

Error Installing dbachecks

A Microsoft-signed module named ‘Pester’ with version ‘3.4.0’ that was previously installed conflicts with the new module ‘Pester’ from publisher ‘CN=DigiCert Assured ID Root CA,, O=DigiCert Inc, C=US’ with version ‘4.4.4’. Installing the new module may result in system instability. If you still want to install or update, use -SkipPublisherCheck parameter.

IODocs can reproduce it with both PowerShellGet (built-in) and latest 2.0.3 on PowerShell 5.1 (latest Win10 insider). When you only have the built-in 3.4.0 version of Pester installed, the exception is thrown. If you already have 4.4.3 and try to install 4.4.4, then it installs fine with just -Force.

General summary of the issue

Updating Pester by command described in the README document (Install-Module -Name Pester -Force), throw a PublishersMismatch exception:


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