Installing MariaDB Server on osx Using Homebrew

MariaDB Server is available for installation on   Mac OS X via the Homebrew package manager.

MariaDB Server is available as a Homebrew “bottle”, a pre-compiled package. This means you can install it without having to build from source yourself. This saves time.

After installing Homebrew, MariaDB Server can be installed with this command:

After installation, start MariaDB Server:

To auto-start MariaDB Server, use Homebrew’s services functionality, which integrates with macOS launchctl:


After homebrew installs MariaDB server, follow the onscreen instructions on how to install the database (mysql_install_db) and add your startup scripts if you want MariaDB to load on boot. You should also run mysql_secure_installation to lock down your install and set your root password.

You should now be able to login to mysql with your new root user and see the MariaDB message from the server:


Welcome to the MariaDB monitor.  Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MariaDB connection id is 49
Server version: 10.0.15-MariaDB Homebrew
You can now import your mysql users and dumped databases file as needed.


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