License Manager Error -103

License Manager Error -103” indicates that you are trying to run MATLAB through terminal services (e.g. Microsoft Remote Desktop).

Running MATLAB through terminal services is not supported.

However, in some scenarios, Microsoft Remote Desktop can be used to run MATLAB R2006b or later releases.


If you have an individual license for MATLAB 7.2 (R2006a) or earlier and you would like to run MATLAB through Microsoft Remote Desktop, you must upgrade to the latest release of MATLAB (R2006b or later).

This error can also occur when attempting to run MATLAB 6.5.x (R13) on Windows Vista or Windows 7.

MATLAB R13 is not supported on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or later versions of Windows.

This error can also occur on Windows XP with a standalone installation of MATLAB when multiple users logged into the machine.

To resolve the issue in this situation, the additional users must log out. You should then be able to start MATLAB.

If you are unable to resolve this error, please contact Installation and Licensing Support:

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