sharex disable uploading to imgur

Sharex Disable Uploading to Imgur
Sharex Disable Uploading to Imgur

sharex disable uploading to imgur

Option 1

The best option is set a proxy

Sharex Disable Uploading To imgur

Option 2
1. Open History window there you can find uploaded image then right click it and Open -> Deletion URL. So it will open image deletion page in Imgur and you can delete your anonymous uploaded image.

2. If after capture tasks have no upload option selected then none of screen capture methods will upload image. But still file upload, clipboard upload and such methods can upload it because those buttons exist to upload.

Prevent inadvertant uploads

sharex disable uploading to imgur

Custom uploader guide

What is custom uploader?

Custom uploader system in ShareX let users to upload image/text/file to hosting services or shorten/share URL. This feature is mainly used by users who host their own hosting services.

The easiest way to learn how to configure custom uploader is by checking example custom uploaders:

You can also pull request your custom uploader there.
Export / Import

You can export your custom uploader with .sxcu extension which allows users to just double click that file to be able to use custom uploader.

If destination type is configured then ShareX can also set this custom uploader as selected custom uploader and change current destination to this custom uploader, so users won’t need any additional configuration to use it.