How to change webmin port using terminal?

How to change Webmin port using terminal

Change the Default Port and Add the Listener Port

Option 1 Using Terminal

Google cloud, azure, and amazon block access to port 10000 by default, as all have a firewall activated. This may prevent you from logging into http://localhost:10000/ from another system on your network or over the Internet.

Edit the miniserv.conf:

and change the default port number (10000) to any port you like, for example 81, or 443.

sudo nano -w /etc/webmin/miniserv.conf

Find the following line 1 and change:

How to change port default port to an uncommon port. Port 10000 is heavily targeted by hackers to gain access to Virtualmin server. Of course they can’t get in without the correct password, but sometimes some of them gets through. So it’s best to prepare for the worst.

We need to tell Webmin to stop using TLS/SSL, as Apache will provide that for us going forward.

Change the 1 to a 0 This will tell Webmin to stop using SSL.

Now, you need to restart Webmin.


Following messages will appear after running that command.

After a fresh restart the Webmin server should be running again.

Option 2 Using Webmin IDE

You can use other alternatives also. If you have GUI then.

    1. Login to Webmin panel.
    2. Expand Webmin and select Webmin configuration
    3. Click in Port and addresses.


    1. Change port 10000 “listen on port “, and Save.


Thats it. You can access your server other port.


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