How to change the Jupyter Lab start-up folder

Use the jupyter notebook config file:

Open  command line (or Anaconda Prompt) and run:

This will create a file in the .jupyter directory, with all the defaults commented out.:

Browse to the file location and open it in an Editor

Search for the following line in the file and remove the # at the beginning of the line to allow the line to execute.
Jupyter Lab is:

or Jupyter Notebook is:

Replace by

How to change the Jupyter Lab start-up folder

We Make sure you use forward slashes in your path and use /home/user/ instead of ~/ for your home directory on linux, backslashes could be used if placed in double quotes even if folder name contains spaces as such : “D:\yourUserName\Any Folder\More Folders\” or without double quotes D:\YourUserName\AnyFolder\More Folders\ on windows.

We create a video with the example:

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