How to Force Overwrite Local Files on Git Pull

Using Git pull, we download latest changes from Git remote repository to local repository code. During this process, we faced issues many times due to local changes. Then we need to force overwrite any local changes and update all files from remote repository.


Git fetch command downloads the latest updates from remote, but don’t merge or re-base in local files.
Git reset resets the master branch to what you just fetched. The –hard option changes all the files in your working tree same as on origin/master

All the local changes will be lost.
Any local commits that haven’t been pushed will be lost.
Any files that are not tracked by Git will not be affected.

Commands to Overwrite Local Files

Use the following command to force overwrite local files from remote repository. We are assuming you are downloading changes from remote master branch.

To download changes from some other branch use the following command.


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