Problem with Drupal 8.0 installation – PHP extensions disabled

It sounds like you don’t have the GD extension installed. I don’t use Ubuntu any longer, but I think it may be named php5-gd, so you’d need to install that package and restart your webserver and it should then work.

Ubuntu 16.04 comes with PHP7 as the standard, so there are no PHP5 packages

However if you like you can add a PPA to get those packages anyways:

Remove all the stock php packages

List installed php packages with dpkg -l | grep php| awk '{print $2}' |tr "\n" " " then remove unneeded packages with sudo aptitude purge your_packages_here or if you want to directly remove them all use :

Add the PPA

Install your PHP Version

You can install php5.6 modules.

PHP7 packages for Ubuntu including php7.0-gd can be installed via PPA for PHP by Ondřej Surý:


As MacroMan stated, under Ubuntu 16.04 you don’t need to add the repository any more. Simply issuing sudo apt-get install php7.0-gd works.

Install php-curl

Install mod_proxy to get ProxyPass to work

In the end I guessed that the module proxy_http in the mods-enabled directory might work, and used the command:

a2enmod proxy_http


Verify your version

Based on (thanks @AhmedJerbi)


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