Catherine Rampell

Catherine Rampell writes a twice-weekly syndicated opinion column for The Washington Post. She is a politics and economics commentator for CNN and a special correspondent for PBS NewsHour’s Making Sen$e series. She frequently covers economics, public policy, politics, and culture, with a special emphasis on data-driven journalism.

Catherine previously worked at the New York Times as an economics reporter, founding editor of the award-winning Economix blog, and columnist for the New York Times Magazine’s “It’s the Economy” column. She also moonlit as a theater critic for the Times, reviewing Off-Broadway and Off-Off-Broadway plays.

She is a regular guest on Marketplace and has appeared on many other radio and TV shows.

Catherine received the Weidenbaum Center Award for Evidence-Based Journalism and is a Gerald Loeb Award finalist. She grew up in Florida and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Princeton.

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Catherine Chelsea Rampell (born November 4, 1984) is an American opinion journalist and nationally syndicated opinion columnist.
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