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Insert and Update in SQL Using User-Defined Table Type in C#
How to Pass Command Line Arguments using Visual Studio. We wanted to test an application in Visual Studio that accepts command-line parameters for some testing, by specifying different test environments.
If you have a number of strings that you need to trim whitespaces from, however I only need to remove them from the end. They are being used for company and individual names, so it's ok for there to be spaces in the middle of the string. You could just...
Create New Thread C# How to create a new thread in NET. First, create an object ThreadStart delegate. This delegate points to a method that executed by the new thread. Now your need to pass this delegate as a parameter when creating a new Thread instance, You should also...
Answers This step-by-step article shows how to recursively search subdirectories for files in a C# Windows Forms application. A search string is specified so that you can find files. Directory recursion is a common IO task. The FileSystemObject makes this job easy for Component Object Model applications. Now, these activities have...